Thursday, March 14, 2013

Called to Serve

 Jessica had her final interview with the Stake President and had her mission papers submitted on February 19th.  The waiting was terrible.  To get my mind off the wait I started planning a party for Jessica and Graig to open their calls.  Graig's papers went in a week later on February 26th. The longer it took the more elaborate the party got.
 There were decorations and food...
and a game, "Where in the World", where their friends could make guesses where they would serve.
with a prize for the winners:

Graigry was the first to find his call in the mail and so we opened his call first at his apartment.
Graigry set up a google hangout so our out of town relatives could get the news in real time.

 Then we moved across the street to Jessica's apartment to open her call with her friends.