Monday, January 26, 2015

This week was fantastic and then more fantastic.

I just can´t describe how fantastic it was.

First of all.  My companion and I didn't have changes.  It means that I was with my last companion for 4.5 months (Elder Parker) and that was weird, and now it will happen again.

We are actually stoked.  We are working with a lot of people that are beginning to progress a lot and neither of us wanted to leave. We work well together and we laugh together.  It is a good combination.
We had a surprise baptism last week.  The primary president came up to us and was like:
This little girl isn't baptized, and yet her and her mom are active members.  Baptize her.
We already knew the family, they had told us they were waiting because they wanted a family member to do the baptism. The only member of the family who has the priesthood lives far away and said it was better that she get baptized.  So, we did it.
Thursday my heart was with Jessica as she flew home.  It was weird thinking about it and seeing the pictures today.  It makes it seem more real.  I really have been in Honduras for the last 18 months.
That's the other news.  I officially have 18 months in the mission.  Its weird.  Very weird.  I have gotten very touchy about my time.  I don´t really tell many people how much time I actually have.  I try to keep my mind where I am right now.
I am still loving my area. I love feeling like I am progressing spiritually and physically with a companion that I love working with.  It is all fantastic.
Oh,  I finally received the package from the ward for Christmas.  I quickly finished the homemade toffees and am working through the other goodies.  I made sure to share, and this time I am controlling my sugar addiction a little better.
Thank you to all the families that helped put it together.  I especially loved the pictures from the kids. Its nice to know I am loved by so many people.

I hope you all are great there in UTAH.  Take care of yourselves.

I went to the temple this week.  They advised us with security Monday last week at like 9pm, and we left at 4;30 the next morning.  TOTALLY WORTH waking up at 3.
I loved it.

God blesses us so much here on this tiny planet called earth.  One of the biggest blessings is a family.

I love you all.  Thank you for your prayers.

Elder Henrie

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lots to be Grateful for

Its kind of wierd being at the point in my mission where I have to begin go think about how to end it.  I am sitting next to Elder Johnson (my Zone Leader) stressing about BYU in the fall.

In 5 days I fufill 18 months in the mission.

In 3 days Jessica will be home.

Things are very strange right now.

I still tell people that I still have a lot of time left.  I am trying not to make it reality yet.  I have a fear of [dying[, or just stopping to work because you are ready to be home.  I am working really hard so that doesnt happen.

Elder Johnson also gave me a really good suggestion, that thinking about it, reminds me of President Uctdorf.  He told me to find the small things every day and be grateful for them.  So thats what I do.  When I have a good lesson, I remember it.  When I meet a pleasant person, I remember them.  This Country has so many options to choose from for bueatiful things.

It is still normal that people will say hello to total strangers.

If you get into the house and they are making, food, they will share with you.

People have a belief in God that goes to their core.  It is common as a farewell to say [God Bless you[.

I am so grateful that I still have the opportunity to be here 6 months more.  I will love every second of it, working just as hard as I did in the beginning, only a lot more intelligent.

Thank you for all of you who support me with your prayers and your love.  Trust me, there a moments when I feel it.

I love you guys.

Elder Henrie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Find Out for Yourself


So this week was pretty good.  We were pretty busy and we had interviews.

I got my temple reccomend.  I learned that the mission president is only authorized to give you one until 3 months after your mission.  I have to get a new one before October.

I also asked him to fill out the ecclesiastical endorsement for BYU.  President made it very clear to me that I am almost done and that this is the best time to work my but off.  I will work on that.

The mission this month is focusing on the importance of the Book of Mormon.  The talks and classes given have reminded me of the power of this marvelous book.  It is what makes us different, and is one of the biggest things that an investigator needs to accept if they will be babtized.  When they accept it, it is like Dominos.  If the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet, and today the church is the authorized church of Jesus Christ in the world.  That is why it is so attacked, and so cherished.  This is what we help people to understand.

The best part is that we don´t try to convince you.  We bear testimony and we ask you to act for yourself.

I love you guys and hope you all have a fantastic week.  

Elder Henrie

Monday, January 5, 2015

Definition of Discipline

So this week was kind of boring and also important.

While I was exercising this week (one of my goals for the new year).  The spirit taught me something.  Discipline isn´t a gift (at least not totally).  It is the personal decision to use your agency to control yourself.  It is totally overcoming the flesh and becoming the force behind your own life.  As Lehi described it, there are things that act, and things that are acted upon.  Moral discipline is always acting.

I had a really good week this week, but today I just feel like the time is racing form me.

Sorry, I forgot my camera today, so no pictures, but I will try to subirlas despues (upload later).

This week I broke down and bought speakers.  I will hide them this time.  I found a good deal and it plays usb and microsd.  It also has a control.  Its pretty cool.  I made sure to choose a model that I can continue to use after the mission.

This week the zone went to the temple, but we couldn´t because my companion had lost his recommend.  The president said he would interview him this week and that we can go with another zone.  I am excited to go, I haven´t gone in a year.

This week will be amazing.  I just know it.  

Elder Henrie