Monday, January 5, 2015

Definition of Discipline

So this week was kind of boring and also important.

While I was exercising this week (one of my goals for the new year).  The spirit taught me something.  Discipline isn´t a gift (at least not totally).  It is the personal decision to use your agency to control yourself.  It is totally overcoming the flesh and becoming the force behind your own life.  As Lehi described it, there are things that act, and things that are acted upon.  Moral discipline is always acting.

I had a really good week this week, but today I just feel like the time is racing form me.

Sorry, I forgot my camera today, so no pictures, but I will try to subirlas despues (upload later).

This week I broke down and bought speakers.  I will hide them this time.  I found a good deal and it plays usb and microsd.  It also has a control.  Its pretty cool.  I made sure to choose a model that I can continue to use after the mission.

This week the zone went to the temple, but we couldn´t because my companion had lost his recommend.  The president said he would interview him this week and that we can go with another zone.  I am excited to go, I haven´t gone in a year.

This week will be amazing.  I just know it.  

Elder Henrie