Monday, December 29, 2014

2015: 2 skype calls. 4 interviews. 4 Zone conferences. 5 companions. 4 areas.

Oh the weird markers of the time.

I officially have 53 letters to President from the year 2014.  My complete year in the mission is officially over.

That´s really strange...

I feel good about this year.  It is wierd to think about the experiences.  It feels like a different world.  I grew so much and yet I made so many mistakes.

I suppose thats the point of life, repentance, change, progress.

The next week I will have to start writing 2015 on my journals, checks, and letters.  Its a little weird.

This year feels sureal, like it didn´t happen, like a dream.  Yet the Physical evidences are all around me.

I had 2 skype calls.  4 interviews. 4 Zone conferences. 5 companions. 4 areas. Played the violin in 4 concerts.

I have that feeling of regret, and yet excitement for the new year.

Time seems to be slipping through my fingers.  Weeks pass in the time that days passed before.  The time hasn't changed, but I have.

I don´t know if I could explain in words what has happened this year.  Parts of me have disappeared, others have developed.  I think the change is for the better, but we will have to wait and see.

I have come to a knowledge of this gospel. Not only that it is true, but that it is complete.  That this is the rock on which we must build, because when we build there, we cannot fall. We may not see God in the way we see other people, but at the same time, his influence is unmistakable.  He is there, on the other side of a thin curtain that prevents us from seeing us.  He cries with us and lauphs with us,  if we could only break the veil, we would see how close he is.  He has not abandoned our tiny planet to the wrath of a desolate universe.  He has promised that things will get worse, but they will also get better.  He will support us every step of the way.

I love you, and I hope you know it.  Thank you for all the small sacrifices you have done to get me and keep me here.  I know I was a hard rock, but you guys chiseled me down, and helped me become what I am now.  Thank you for that.

I hope you guys have a great new years!

Elder Henrie


I asked Elder Henrie what he is looking forward to in 2015 and this is his list:


Starting over as a new person.

Being organized.


Finding the other half of my orange. 

Finishing my mission.

Hugging my family.

A lot more...