Monday, December 8, 2014

Good Times and Bad

So this week had its good parts, and its bad parts.

First of all.  I was practicing with the musical group here, and they announced to us that we were going to present on Saturday (2 days ago).  That was a big surprise, so everyone was working on it.  Elder O{Campos (El Setenta de Area) gave his permission and we were all working hard...

Then the boss of the person we had been talking to called (I believe her name is Sherry).  Apparently the conversation went something like this...

Hi, is this David? (El hombre in charge from our side of things)

Yea, this is David.

Hi, this is Sherry from the cultural department of Casa Presidencial.  I just wanted to explain to you that the person you were talking with was not authorized to be giving dates or times so that you could come.  She is really embarrassed and didnt want to call you, so I am doing it.  We just won´t have time for you in our schedule this month.


If you want, we can give you 20 minutes to present something small on Sunday (our program is a little more than an hour).

No, that would be ok (we didn´t want to travel or present on a Sunday, to busy).

Alright, sorry for all that has happened.  But we have your number, we will call you.


It was kind of annoying, but we are still going to do a presentation for the Stake and also in the Casa de la Cultura here (Cultural House). It should still be a great experience.  


In other news.  This was also an interesting week because we had to go to the Consejo de Lideres again.  It was pretty cool, they explained the [He is the gift inicitive to us.  They hadn´t done it very well before.  It was a pretty cool experience.  Elder Dalgo (El otro Lider de Distrito de aqui) and I left our companions in divisions.

I am pretty proud of Elder Olivares, he worked great even though I wasn´t there for casi 48 hours.  He is a fantastic missionary.

We had church (always great) and we went to watch the Christmas Devotional.

We decided that it would be a lot easier to tell everyone to watch it on the BYU Channel.  So, that´s what we did.

First, we made the error of telling everyone it was at 6 (correction, it was at 7 with the time change).  That was our first problem.

The other one was a little bit more embarrassing...

They showed it in english.

We haven{t talked to any of the investigators or familiys that we told to watch it, but I am sure some are mildly annoyed.  We were in the house of an Investigator, and I had to translate the entire time.  I really loved the Devotional, and the spirit was really strong.  It was great.

I really loved how everyone talked about the love of God and how we shold share it.  I loved every talk.


Today I did a quick trip to Tegucigalpa to take an Elder to an Eye appointment, and here I am back in Danli to write.

It was a busy week.

I love you guys.  Special Shoutout to Dan Wilson and his wife that sent me a package.  I have almost finished all the candy.  I love the painting.

Thank you for everything that you guys do to support me.

Elder Henrie