Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday

A selfie from the now 20 year old Elder Henrie

So, I got egged today.  

Yup, people threw eggs at me.

Apparently its an Honduras thing.  My companion got a little bit too excited and actually threw them (most people just crack them over your head), thus leaving these welts.  

It was very interesting, I am fine, I will not get salmonella, and we had to clean a part of the apartment building with Clorox to get the smell out.

One of the neighbors complained that we had gotten egg all over his car, so one of the other Elders ended up paying him 400 limps.

I graciously shared the strawberry cake they gave to me, and then ate most of it, also adding a sugar headache to the mix. Then we did the piñata I bought the other day.  It was shaped like a soccer ball, and in true latino style, was destroyed by kicking.  The poor thing didn`t survive long, neither did the candy.  One of our other neighbors came out and started picking up candy too, but oh well, birthdays just aren`t complete without uninvited, but gracious guests.

Someone has a video of all the egg action.  I am trying to get it right now.

In general the week was very good.  The other Elders had a baptism.  We worked efficiently and hard, and we had some good lessons that made me feel as if I was actually helping people progress.

I am happy and I am working.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A pretty great week

This was a pretty great week.

The highlights are these...

We had a babtism!  Betty was very golden, I had the wonderful opportunity to babtize her last Saturday.  The only bad thing was that the Adultos Solteros were having a barbecue at the same time.  It was a good service, prepared by our new Mission Leader.

We went to Picacho to play soccer today.  Sorry, no pictures, I have like 200 of picacho.

I made hamburgers to celebrate our babtism.  They were good!  I didn`t have good seasoning, so I just used salt.  They were very thick.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week.  We are still getting used to having 4 elders here.  They still haven`t found a house, so we are living 4 in our apartment.  So far no problems.  

This week I seemed to never get enouph sleep, meaning I was cranky by the end.  My companion had to play psycoligest a couple of times and help me out.  Luckilly, it never came down to a fight.  

Things are good, and I am working.

I love you guys!

7 days until my birthday!

Elder Henrie

Monday, August 11, 2014

Life is Good

Well. It was an interesting week.

The coolest thing was that they assigned two misioneros más a nuestro barrio.  Meaning, we now have 4.  We already divided the area and I can see that it will be a good decision.  Both areas will already have baptisms this month.  

Our baptism for last week asked that we move it to this Saturday, so we said yes.  She is so ready!

Life is good.  Right now we are living a little cramped while the other Elders find a house. It is interesting living in an apartment meant for 2 with 4 people.  I like it because it gives me an excuse to cook.  Random thing I have learned about myself in the mission, I don`t like cooking fancy unless I can share it with other appreciating people, its probably prideful, but oh well!

The new guys are Elder Mendoza and Elder Day.  Elder Mendoza is training Elder Day, who is nuevacito (brand new). Elder Mendoza also trained Elder Parker.  Elder Mendoza saw Elder Parker begin, and Elder Parker will see him die.

Elder Mendoza is from Choluteca in Honduras. He is fun and has a lot of energy, he is a good leader that helps animate people to work.  I want to emulate that.

Elder Day also has a lot of energy and seems to have an eternal smile.  He loves soccer and speaks a lot of Spanish already, so I know he will do great!

Things are great here in Honduras!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Big News

I got a new plaque.

Big news!  It is now legal to play soccer every week, meaning, we will probably play soccer every week or other sports.

There is a chance they will put 2 more missionaries in my Area.  We have to find a new house and decide how to divide the areas.

Other than that things were pretty much normal.  One of our leaders has Denge, meaning that he was acostado a lot of this week.  We did our best to help out.  He leaves here soon.

Things were good this week.  We have been working on finding people that will progress, and that means leaving some people that won`t.  Its kind of sad, but it is worth it when you start talking to someone and they say they want to get babtized.  We trust that the others will be taught by other missionaries.  We leave a good area book, and things are good.

I recieved some good revelation this week realizing that I wasn`t working my my area very efficiently.  I was jumping all over, when it is better to focus on a small part every day.  That way the parts are more soaked in the gospel, and we lose less time.  We are trying to implement that this week.

This week is changes, and unfortunetly, we know nothing.  We don`t think that we will move, but I always remember being with Osmond.  One change.

We will have a babtism this week.  Her name is Betty, and she was so ready.  Her mom is going to visit the US, so we are going to do it before we planned.  It will be fantastic.

Life is good, I am happy, and God loves me.  Sometimes that`s all we need.

Elder Henrie