Monday, August 4, 2014

Big News

I got a new plaque.

Big news!  It is now legal to play soccer every week, meaning, we will probably play soccer every week or other sports.

There is a chance they will put 2 more missionaries in my Area.  We have to find a new house and decide how to divide the areas.

Other than that things were pretty much normal.  One of our leaders has Denge, meaning that he was acostado a lot of this week.  We did our best to help out.  He leaves here soon.

Things were good this week.  We have been working on finding people that will progress, and that means leaving some people that won`t.  Its kind of sad, but it is worth it when you start talking to someone and they say they want to get babtized.  We trust that the others will be taught by other missionaries.  We leave a good area book, and things are good.

I recieved some good revelation this week realizing that I wasn`t working my my area very efficiently.  I was jumping all over, when it is better to focus on a small part every day.  That way the parts are more soaked in the gospel, and we lose less time.  We are trying to implement that this week.

This week is changes, and unfortunetly, we know nothing.  We don`t think that we will move, but I always remember being with Osmond.  One change.

We will have a babtism this week.  Her name is Betty, and she was so ready.  Her mom is going to visit the US, so we are going to do it before we planned.  It will be fantastic.

Life is good, I am happy, and God loves me.  Sometimes that`s all we need.

Elder Henrie