Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday

A selfie from the now 20 year old Elder Henrie

So, I got egged today.  

Yup, people threw eggs at me.

Apparently its an Honduras thing.  My companion got a little bit too excited and actually threw them (most people just crack them over your head), thus leaving these welts.  

It was very interesting, I am fine, I will not get salmonella, and we had to clean a part of the apartment building with Clorox to get the smell out.

One of the neighbors complained that we had gotten egg all over his car, so one of the other Elders ended up paying him 400 limps.

I graciously shared the strawberry cake they gave to me, and then ate most of it, also adding a sugar headache to the mix. Then we did the piñata I bought the other day.  It was shaped like a soccer ball, and in true latino style, was destroyed by kicking.  The poor thing didn`t survive long, neither did the candy.  One of our other neighbors came out and started picking up candy too, but oh well, birthdays just aren`t complete without uninvited, but gracious guests.

Someone has a video of all the egg action.  I am trying to get it right now.

In general the week was very good.  The other Elders had a baptism.  We worked efficiently and hard, and we had some good lessons that made me feel as if I was actually helping people progress.

I am happy and I am working.