Monday, August 11, 2014

Life is Good

Well. It was an interesting week.

The coolest thing was that they assigned two misioneros más a nuestro barrio.  Meaning, we now have 4.  We already divided the area and I can see that it will be a good decision.  Both areas will already have baptisms this month.  

Our baptism for last week asked that we move it to this Saturday, so we said yes.  She is so ready!

Life is good.  Right now we are living a little cramped while the other Elders find a house. It is interesting living in an apartment meant for 2 with 4 people.  I like it because it gives me an excuse to cook.  Random thing I have learned about myself in the mission, I don`t like cooking fancy unless I can share it with other appreciating people, its probably prideful, but oh well!

The new guys are Elder Mendoza and Elder Day.  Elder Mendoza is training Elder Day, who is nuevacito (brand new). Elder Mendoza also trained Elder Parker.  Elder Mendoza saw Elder Parker begin, and Elder Parker will see him die.

Elder Mendoza is from Choluteca in Honduras. He is fun and has a lot of energy, he is a good leader that helps animate people to work.  I want to emulate that.

Elder Day also has a lot of energy and seems to have an eternal smile.  He loves soccer and speaks a lot of Spanish already, so I know he will do great!

Things are great here in Honduras!