Monday, September 1, 2014

Safe and Happy

So this week was pretty good.

We did a lot of contacting this week.  We decided that we needed new people, so we got on it the old fashioned way.  We had our normal mixture of :No:, :I´m cathloc:, and :I am really busy today:.  We also had a good number of :YES: (those magic words that make a missionary´s heart beat faster).  As always, we found people from all walks of life, the students, the single mothers, the interesting back stories.  It is interesting that God has blessed us all with a unique life, a unique personality, which shapes how we react to the world.

So I´m pretty happy with this week.  We lograred (met) several of our goals, and we have some better goals for this week.  It made the week feel longer, but it was satisfying.

Important news....not really anything.  I am safe and happy.  

We had Ward conference on Sunday.  I honestly didn`t hear part of it, we dragged one of our investigadors out of sickbed (honestly, maybe it wasn`t a good idea in hindsight) and I was trying to make sure she was ok.  She is pretty pilas though, to go to church sick (or I am really pushy).

This week we have Stake conference, meaning we will be doing the same thing as last week, inviting, inviting more, and finally, dragging people out of their comfortable homes to go get spiritually fed.

It is all a fun practice for the big one...General Conference.  I am excited for general conference!  

Our ward is great, 4 missionaries makes me feel a difference in the energy of the ward and the work.  

I am satisfied, a little tired, and happy.  

The biggest spiritual thought I have for this week is the importance of studying.  I know it is something I have considered before, but this week I was thinking about it again.  

Just seriously.  Eat the scriptures.  Read them slowly.  I did it well with the Book of Mormon, but do it with other scriptures too.  Keep a notebook so that you can remember and recieve revelation.  The spirit cannot bring to your remembrance what you do not know.

Just that.

Thank you for all the birthday well wishes.  I loved the cards from Snowbird, and the ideas for popup cards!  I am glad you all loved snowbird!  I promise to put the stickers in places where they will not get lost!

Elder Henrie