Monday, September 15, 2014

This week was pretty much AWESOME

(If Graig doesn't send a picture I ask him to send me a selfie.)

It was also really busy.  We had a lot of meetings.  

The best was by far the Zone conference with President Duncan.

Elder Smith (also from Lehi, and in my group) said it something like this...

That guy came here and in 2 days changed the entire mission.

That pretty much sums it up.

He gave a lot of small but great suggestions, and in general animated us to work more effectively.  It will take a while to put all the suggestions into practice, but it will help us out a lot!

I really liked one of the illustrations he used..


Meaning, once you have a vision, you first set the goals that you will need to lograrlo (make it happen) and you make plans for every goal so that it happens.

Then of course you have to do it.

He made a lot of suggestions, but I will give the ones that most impacted me:

30 minute lessons (only teaching a few principles)

Each missionary should only talk 10-20 seconds (it keeps things energized and is easier for the spirit to participate)

When teaching Menos Activos, just sing a hymn and read a small lectura del libro de Mormon.  Then let the spirit work.

He also really emphasized the need for good planning.

The cool part about it was that I had already heard or seen many of the suggestions.  But he wrapped them together into a marvelous tapestry of effectiveness.  It will definetly change the mission.

Phew, I feel like I was talking a lot there and a need to take a breath.
Ok, done.  Things are looking good this week.  It is changes.  If someone leaves, it will probably be me.  I just don`t know where.  I started giving out thank you notes and feeling sad, so it would be funny if I don`t have changes.

Anyway.  Things are good!  I made some random art this week with things around the house (I now have about 5 pounds of Honduras coins, kind of funny seeing as they are going to stop using them).

Thank you for your prayers and your support.  I love you guys"

Elder Henrie