Monday, September 29, 2014

Not a lot of time

Not a lot of time.

That has prety much defined my week.  

I have been really busy.  We spent a lot of time doing what missionaries do.
Work and sweat and slave...(anybody recognize the John Bytheway reference?)

I don`t have a lot of time.  I feel like I have been here along time.

We went to the temple as missionaries with investigadores.  It was good.

We brought 2 investigators G. and I., who we have been working a lot with.  This time was different than the others as we gave classes about the temple.

It was a good week, with a good mix of personal development and hard work.

I invite everyone to look at everything that is normal, and try to look at it in God´s eyes.  Many times, what is normal, can be something that we need to do better.

I love you all, I had a good week.

Elder Henrie