Monday, September 8, 2014

Meeting with the Leaders of the Districts

This week was pretty interesting. 

First of all we had a consejo de lideres de la mision.  Era muy interesante como pusieron ideas y hicieron sugerencias.  I loved it.  I took a lot of good notes and made some goals.  

First of all, I made a dat posterboard, that was a lot of work with a ruler and a permanent marker.  I laminated it so that it is reusable.  I also decided that I have to live cleaner.

The cool part is everyone in my group was there.  We are all lideres de distritos.  Changes are on the 17, so we will see if that lasts!

This week Presidente Duncan (president of the area) is coming to talk to us.  It should be great.

We had our stake conference last week as well.  We invited a lot of people and only a few went.  But our investigador Ingni le encantaba.  She should get babtized this month.  We found a lot of new people, and we are filtering them to see who we want to concentrate on.

There I got to see a lot of people from my last area (Guaymuras, en la misma estaca).  They were surprised to see I am still here.  I will probably leave here soon, but we will see.

This week I learned the importance of listening, even if people aren`t talking about or too you.  In the meeting of leaders, they gave a mountain of ideas for the missionary work, too long to count here.  It helped me realize many things that I can do better.  

Today, we also had to do a Preach my gospel survey to prepare for President Duncan, and that also helped me do an evaluation personal.

So things are good here in Honduras and in my area.  I still feel like we have a lot of space and not much time, but working when you should always helps!

Thanks for your love and support.

Elder Henrie