Monday, September 22, 2014

Interesting week

This was an interesting week.  I made some mistakes and learned some lessons.

Not to worry, nothing serious, but yes interesting.

As I believe I have already mentioned.  I have begun reading the Book of Mormon de nuevo, desde el principio.  I am underlining every reference to the savior or to God.  There are a LOT.

Today, I was reading about when Nephi broke his bow.  I noticed two things that I never saw before.  First, Nephi talks about how God led them in the fertile parts of the wilderness, and second, there is never a mention of lack of water.  It made it so much more serious for me when they began to complain, because they had forgotten the blessings that God had given them.  It made me remember Elder Uctdorf´s talk from the last conference.

In other news.  I am still here in the Guaymuras zone, and in the same area.  I feel like there are still a few loose ends that the Lord needs to teach me, and I´ve already seen some of them.  I am busy and happy.

I am still with Elder Parker as well.  We get along well, and as we always seem to eat in the house, we bought a TON of food today.  I wish I had taken pictures.  We bought 16 cartons of orange juice (8 liters), just to give you an idea.  The goal is that we have enouph food for the entire week, and we don`t have to buy food again.  I was proud on the overall healthiness of our purchases, including 2 bags of peanuts just for me (I just finished one now).

We have a lot of great people we are working with.  I. would like to get baptized, but her mom doesn't want her to.  She is technically above age, but we don`t want to cause problems in the family.

We also found two new part member couples this week that we want to begin teaching.  I constantly wishing we had more time.  To help, we have been following the advice of Presidente Duncan and planning better.  We have been dividing the area into small zones, and we are planning on working on one zone per day.  It helps us be more effective and also makes it easier to call members to accompany us.  

Things are great here in the ward.  The other Elders (Day and Mendoza) had 2 babtisms last week.  One was D. a little girl that was our investigator that we passed over.  We unfortunately couldn't go to either baptism because we couldn't bring anyone.  It was a good week.  We have already seen miracles of having 4 elders here.

Things are doing good.

I love you guys!

Elder Henrie