Monday, October 6, 2014


The highlights:


Was that great or what!  Something that really hit home this time was how amazing and important it is that we have LIVING apostles and prophets.

The majority of the world believe in some leader, some guy (or woman) that had a vision (or something) and wrote a book.  We do as well, we believe in Joseph Smith.  But there is an important difference.  We believe that Joseph Smith had successors, and they continue today.

Thats marvelous!  While everyone else has some book, we have a constant source of knowledge and truth.  It continues.

Just ask someone, what is better.  A book of truth that is thousands of years old, or a man, who although he teaches from that book, can also add truth to the book.

It kind of shocks people.

Like it says in the Book of Mormon.  God is God, and he can speak just as easy today as he did in the past.  He still loves us the same, he still is just, and he still speaks.

Imagine trying to make your way from one side of your town to the other.  Someone can give you a map from when it was founded, or you can use google maps.

What do you take?

Sorry for the long rant about that, but it is very important.

I had a good week.  I was a little sick this week on Wednesday, on the same day that Elder Parker was sick.  At least we only lost 1 day of work, not 2.  I am much better now.  

We worked pretty hard talking with people to bring them to conference.  As always, some did and some didn`t.  But those that did learned something!

It was a great week.  We had our challenges, but those are part of a life that is designed to make us stretch!

I love you!

Elder Henrie