Monday, October 20, 2014

I am happy

It was a great week.

First of all, the biggest news is that I made hot chocolate mix.  I used powdered milk and cocoa powder.  It is really good.  I drank so much hot chocolate this week.  I will probably give myself kidney stones.

We had interviews with the President.  Mine was really short.  He asked me if I had any questions or if I had something I needed.  I told him that no.  I only had a question about what music was appropriate.  He told me to be self sufficient but to stick first with church stuff.

I did divisiones with Elder Taylor and Elder Hunter.  This time I went with Elder Taylor to his area.  It was productive divisiones, and Elder Taylor (de Nicaragua) is a good Elder.

The President told me nothing exact about changes, but based on the amount of time I have here (6 months in this area, and 8 in the zone) It is SURE (basically) that I am leaving.  It makes me kind of sad, but I am also excited.

We hope to have 2 babtisms this week.  We are working hard with the 2 so that they both go through.  One wants the support of her parents, and the other wants to be really sure.  I have faith that both will happen.  God is a God of Miracles.

I am happy.  Today for P-day we went to play soccer.  It was really fun and I just feel so great afterward.

I love you guys.  

Elder Henrie