Monday, October 13, 2014

Not a lot happened this week

The truth is that not a lot happened this week.  We did a lot of working.

The biggest news is that we hope that two of our investigators will get babtized this month.  Both have been investigators for a while, and they are now ready.  Our job now is to animate them so that they do it.

I had a wierd moment this week when I realized that Parker and I have now been together like 4 months.  It has been interesting to learn about myself while working with him.  I feel like with him the time has flown more than with any other companion.  Weeks feel like days, and days seem like hours.  It comes from the work we do.

I have been very satisfied with this week.  We had our bad moments, but the lord blessed us a lot.  I saw the blessings of testimonys, the scriptures, and the prophets.  I saw how direct the prophets can be in helping people get better.

I know that our lives are difficult, but I also know that God does not abandon us in our trials.  He may limit his help, but he doesn`t leave us.  He loves us too much to do that.

Thank you for all of you.

Elder Henrie