Monday, July 28, 2014

One Year

So, how is everyone´s week? My week was pretty awesome.

We played soccer last Monday and I got an injury that makes it look like I played hard. (It looks weird because I put a medicine I still have from college that puts an artificial skin over your injuries to protect it. You put it on in place of a band-aid in places that it would just rub off, like...your knee). The truth is I was diving for a ball as goalkeeper, and...I missed. Oh well!

Other than that our week was good. We spent a lot of time getting to know the area slowly, by contacting. I learned one important thing. People like to talk to people that make them feel good, not to nervous wreaks. I took a tip from a Drama teacher I had a long time ago, ¨If you are nervous, act like you`re not, it helps¨. I learned it is important to share about yourself and become aquantinces very quickly. I used our family photo a lot, saying...¨Look, I am a normal person just like you, I have a family too!¨. It helps people see you as a person, and not as a Mormon, which can shut doors and hearts in some cases.

We almost had some investigators come to a baptism of some other Elders. Hence the pictures with large amounts of Elders together.
Yesterday we got to see our new bishop in action. It was interesting to see how a guy that is a police officer in his day job run a ward council. He was very down to business, to the point. It was great.

Other random things that happened....oh yea, I hit a year in the mission.


Yep, I hit a year. That`s REALLY weird for me. Like, major weird. I am officially counting down (though I will proudly still count up). I feel a little lost.

I made a few goals, to work efficiently, and to do more remembering. My daily journal had become a once a week thing, so I now put it on my pillow, so that it again becomes daily. It also means my birthday is in less than a month...I will be 20...I am old.

At least that's how I feel, the people here in Honduras are always really surprised that I am so young. They have a problem here with wayward youth and even if people don`t want to be Mormon, they have a lot of respect for the missionaries.

In general things are good...any more questions?

Elder Henrie