Monday, July 21, 2014

Good and Bad Surprises

This week had a bunch of surprises. Some of them good some of them bad.

Tuesday, they announced to us that we were going to the temple, and I was of course, excited. All went well getting there, we all crammed into a small rapadito (type of bus) and walked the last bit to the temple. I was behind my comp talking to other missionaries, I watched him walk in, then walk out. So I asked him what happened.

He had forgot his recommend.

It was an interesting paralel to me about how maybe the judgement will be for some people. They want to arrive and live with God, and then they realize they left something important behind. Maybe they didn`t live the law of chastity, maybe they didn`t live the word of wisdom. It doesn`t matter, God can`t let them in. I`m sure he may want too, just as the temple worker probably wanted to let a missionary it, but he can`t. Because in the end, everyone will know about the gospel, everyone will know what they needed to bring, and if they don`t bring it, or do it. They stay outside.

We had just had interviews, so we tried to get the president to let us in, he warned us that he had not given a temple recommend interview to my comp, so he couldn't let him in. So we were left outside. I couldn`t leave him alone, and he couldn`t enter. It was an interesting mix of feelings I had. I was sad, but I also had peace. I knew, that although I couldn`t enter, I was worthy to enter, and that was good. Although I couldn't help another person receive an important ordinance, I have already received it.

In the end we went to buy food and we started divisions with the ZLs when they got back. We had some fun divisions. I went with Elder Ward, who is almost finished with his mission. The new president authorized Caffiene. So Elder Ward and I bought Dr Pepper, and I drank it happily.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur. The other shaping event was on Saturday, when Daniel (our Ward Mission Leader) called us to tell us that Evelin had died. I was kind of shocked. I had seen her on Sunday, and we had left her soup. She seemed fine. Apparently on Tuesday she got worse and returned to the hospital. Strangley, again I felt peace. I know where she is, and I know I did what I could. God is now taking care of her.

Other than that we had some great lessons and nice investigators. I really felt the power of the Prophet when we shared several conference talks with the sisters Gisela y Lideni. We are really doing everything for them. 

It was a standard week. Work, sweat, and work. It was a good week.

Elder Henrie