Monday, July 14, 2014

Good and Happy

I am good and happy.  We did a lot of working this week.  We didn`t have a lot of wasted time, which is always good.

There is something special about finishing a week and knowing that you spent it in almost the most effective way you could have (we were at like 99.99%).

So, in the end, it means not many new pictures.

This week Evelin got home (recent convert).  She was in the hospital, and wasn`t doing very well.  She was still very sick.  Yesterday, we did divisions with the bishop, and Christopher and I made her a soup.  We were both very proud of how it turned out.  We blended it because she told us her trought hurt and she couldn`t eat stuff with a lot of chunks.

We put potatos, garlic, corn, chicken flavor, and rice.  The point was to giver her something that had a lot of nutrients.  She is very thin.

Other than that it was kind of a boring week.  Lots of work.

We will go to the temple tomorrow!  WAHOO!

We had a baptism this week, but it was one that we helped the ward with.  

Elder Henrie