Monday, July 7, 2014


I don`t really know where to start this week.  It was pretty busy.

We spent most of the week doing normal missionary work.  We did divisiones on Thursday.  One of the Elders was sick, and neither of the areas had saldo (Honduran word for minutes on your phone) so I set out (deciding it was an emergency) to buy a chip (usually very expensive).  Luckily they rejected me and a member lent us a phone.  It luckily turned out to only be Influenza. (We were worried it was denge!).

We had a pretty good week, despite the fact that I had a cold.  I hit my low point on Saturday, and kind of felt like a zombie.  Luckily Parker took over, telling me that I could rest until about 10:30 and that we were going to contact.  That attitude found us at least one new positive investigator.  That's part of why you travel as a companionship I suppose.

Today, we went to picacho.  I had already gone, but I had missed out on a lot of fotos.  So I took un monton (a lot)!  I took like 80 photos today!

In general I am happy and healthy.  My gripe (cold) has gotten much better, and I have become a person again (not a zombie).  Things are good here in ¨La Honduras¨.

I didn`t do anything for the 4th of July.  The truth is that I forgot hasta un miembro (until a member) asked me what my family did to celebrate.  I had to pause for a moment to think what we were celebrating and then explained that we usually went to my Great Aunt`s house.  It was kind of wierd.

It was a great week!

Q & A with Mom:

Q:  Any missionary stories for me?  Are you still teaching the sisters?  

A:  We are still waiting for them to receive an answer.  Gisela went to church again and we arrived before la santa cena (something that can be difficult in our area).  She listened to all the Fast and Testimony meeting and I think it made a difference.  It really is powerful to watch small children to walk up and bear their testimonies.  I know it will help her.

We found a new investigator two weeks ago and she said ¨I don`t understand why all churches don´t use the book of Mormon!¨ Those are words sweet to a missionaries mind!

Graigry's zone went on a field trip to Picacho for p-day today.  He took lots of pictures in the "Philosophers Garden"