Monday, December 1, 2014

Practicing the Violin Again

So...the biggest news of the week is...

I could be playing the violin in the Casa presidencial this 15th of december.  

Thus...this violin that I am borrowing from a member.

Now, before you all get really excited, it is not fijo (for sure), and I am not soloing.  I am probably going to participate with a choir of the Danli stake.  I am in a strange quartet of a clarinet, and 3 violins.  

Which means I will be practicing an hour a day here, just like at home.  Its very relaxing and means it can be difficult to work.  

I have no idea if President Juan Orlando will be present, but it is in his house.

So I am a violinest for this december.

I feel a lot like I am with our christmas concerts in our house again.  The atmosphere is similar, they have actors that tell a story about a family and the true meaning of christmas.  It should turn out pretty cool.

I am arriving in the last stages, the other members of the group have been practicing for a while, including several other missionaries.

Other than that, our week was a lot of working.

This week, it will be a lot of working with music.  

It should be a pretty good week.

Elder Olivares and I are getting along very well, every day its fun to get out and work.  We are hoping to spend christmas together.

I am happy, wealthy (with blessings), and still learning the wise part.

Thank you for your prayers and everything you do.

Elder Henrie