Monday, November 24, 2014

I found fast internet

I cannot describe how happy I am right now. Literally, I feel free! Libre soy! Libre soy! (Let in go in spanish from Frozen)

I seriously feel so good to be with fast internet again. Seriously, All my photos uploaded in 23 minutes....YES!

Down to business. This last week was AWSOME. I also had a cough all week (I still do a little).

I relearned the importance of opening the mouth this week as I did it on a bus. We had a fantastic zone conference with President Bowler.

My companion and I are working really well together. The fun story of the week was that President Bowler promised us in the Zone Conference that if we tried our best to be obedient, God would bless us. Last night, My companion and I left a lesson at 9:22, and we have to be in the house at 9:30. So we began to run, slight couph and all. We ran, and a guy in a wierd motocar stopped and offered us a ride. We took it and made it to our house right at 9:30. It was our little miracle.

This week was a lot of walking and talking. I am very satisfied. This week for P'day, we watched How to train your Dragon 2. It was cool. It was a good end to the perfect week, and a good start to a better one.

I was reading in Alma 12 this week, and I realized that although I always had a testimony that the church was true, the mission has taught me that it is also complete. There are so many questions that people have about the doctrine of Christ, the plan of salvation, and about God´`s relationshiop with man. This church has the answers. I do not mean to brag, but I feel like I am. Many churches have a lot of truth, but we have the full picture, the complete puzzle, the choclate chips as well as the cookie. It just fits so well, I could never leave it for something else.

To give a small example: Lets say that there is a super powerful being who is our creator and father of our intelligence (like God for example). If he really loved everyone and was just, he would talk with everyone, not just with people on one continent (like the Book of Mormon and the Bible). And that is just one of many. You can´t find anything better.

I love you guys. You are fantastic and I know you guys always support me. Have a fantastic week"

Elder Henrie