Monday, November 17, 2014

Awesome week

So, this week was awesome.

In that we worked a lot.  

We really tried to put the plan that Elder Duncan left us to use in this week.  We divided our area, we visited members, and we just in general worked hard.

My companion is great. Elder Olivares loves to work and is so eager to share the gospel.  I hope that I can learn from him.  

I love everything about my area.  It has a great balance of fields and city.  Our house in the mero centro de Paraiso, but our area includes parts very rural.  We live in the middle of one of those random places you find here, where you can buy everything, but the trick is finding someone who won`t rip you off.

The good thing is that it makes it easy to compare prices!

The people here are very friendly.  They are willing to talk and like to talk, the trick is switching it to the gospel.  Its quite easy with the christmas photo I have from last year.

me: Hey, me gustaría mostrarle una foto de mi familia!
persona: Ok.
me: Mire, esta es toda mi familia, y un amigo (Yannik).
persona: Wow, tiene una familia bonita, es esta templo cerca donde vive usted?
me: Si, pero en nuestra iglesia tenemos templos y capillas.  Templos son muy especial....

Its kind of funny.

Sorry for that random dialogue, I don`t know what to write really.  

I am good, healthy, and happy.  My knee is healing up well and it doesn`t hurt.

We are working right now on finding as many people as we can, so that we can be even more busy than we already are.

For your information, the pictures of what looks like a disco party was a party we had with some menos activos.  She was turning 18 and the family hasn`t done so well economically this year, so we called the Jas (jovenes adultos solteros) and orginized something special to invite her.  She was embarrased at first, but got used to it afterward.  It did have a missionary purpose!

Things are going great.  I am looking forward to the day of the Turkey (the literal translation of what people call thanksgiving here) and all the rest of the holidays.

I love you guys, everyone.

Elder Henrie