Monday, November 3, 2014

So...I had changes!

 New Companion, Elder Olivares
A lot of changes, actually.

For the first time in my mission I am in what we call the Orient (or the east).  I am literally as far east as our mission goes.  We are 20 minutes from Nicaragua (seriously, its the limit of our area).  

The area is called Paraiso (Paradise in ingles).  It is very green and very beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Tatumbla.  I am happy that the lord always manages to send me to cold places in the winter, I would feel out of place without it.  It has been really ¨cold¨ lately.  Meaning, 10 degrees Celsius or like 40 Fahrenheit.

Its not actually that cold.

But that doesn`t stop the people here from bundling up.  Mostly to keep out the constant rains.

It was kind of funny to get here.  We got on a bus until the bus stopped, and I was like ¨oh, we must me here¨.  Just in time for the ZL´s to tell me that I had to take another bus another half an hour to arrive to my area.

I feel like we are on an island, but it is really fun.  We have 6  Elders in this area, and I have the most time.  I am officially old.

I am still a District Leader, and my new companion is named Elder Olivares.  He is from Chile, from a town called San Felipe.  He is a convert of 2 years and is currently the only member in his family.  He is a great guy and is really excited to be in the mission.  He only has 2 months, but is very excited to be here.

His previous companion and him were already teaching some people so we are working with them.  We are also doing all the normal missionary work.

Our house is really nice, except for one thing...

On Friday night, we went to work (as usual) and when we came back I noticed that the back door was open.  I was like ¨Freak, we left the door open¨ and then I noticed my speakers and my mp3 player was missing.  After a little investigation, we found that we had left open tiny bathrom window (correction, they were always open, I never touched them) and theives had taken out the screen to get in.  We followed the tracks to over the roof of the next building (there are little footprints) to another building.  

The funny thing is my mp3 was already damaged and my speakers were 3 years old (my time plus the time of the Elder that I bought them from when he finished).  Their value was very little.  We called the Owner and today they spent all day welding into place metal grating so that our house now looks like a prison.  It should be really safe from the Zombie Apocalypse now.

The house is now super safe with the metal grating that they put on everywhere.  It honestly made me lauph.  The good thing is all the music is backed up somewhere online, except the Mormon tabernacle choir music (mom if you could upload that to my dropbox please).  Basically what I am planning on doing is buying one of the cool Honduran speakers that you can plug a usb into (I still have the small one you sentmy last christmas).  I was planning on selling my speakers anyway to another Elder here and buying Honduras speakers anyway.  I found some cool ones that have like a study light on them too.

I am happy and really excited to be in this area.  Everything seems to be smiling on me and reminding me of how blessed that I am.  God really does bless us with everything that is important, he has promised that we won`t fault anything and I have seen that blessing.

I love you everybody!

Elder Henrie