Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

So, I am really happy right now.

This last week has just been so full of stuff.  We had 3 concerts with the group I was playing in.  They were really beautiful.

I really enjoyed going to the Mission Christmas party.  I liked the gifts that people sent to all the missionaries from the United states.

We were really busy this week doing a lot of stuff that wasn´t teaching people.  The husband of one of our investigators died, so we went to his funeral.  Because her son is on a mission (he´s the only member in his family), she asked us to be there the entire time.  We attended the Cathloc mass that they did in his honor.  It was interesting and yet sad to see what it lacked.  I shared with her that everyone will rresurrect and it was a slightly different take then seeing Christ on the cross.

I realized how marvelous it is to have a knowledge of what will happen.  We don't understand perfectly, but we do understand that we will see each other again.

Sunday we had to go early to the ZL´s house so we could go to the Christmas Party early Monday.  I spent most of the time playing ping pong.  President Bowler shared some great messages, and got everyone excited to go and work.

Yesterday we did our last concert in the Main Park of Danli.  I hope that we showed a lot of people that [The Mormons[ are really christians.  The program focused on that.  They always started with the He is the Gift video.

I know that Christ lived and died.  But he also ressurected.  He promised that everyone will live again, and those that obey, will be with their families forever in a state of never ending happiness.  My testimony is not perfect, but I stand with Nephi in that [I know that God loves his children[.  For that reason he sent us here and gives us his gospel.  So that we understand what happens to us here, and we have a hope for the future.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Elder Henrie

Today we did a gift exchange among our zone.  I bought Hermana Cook (From California) a christmas mug, a stuffed lion, and colored pens.