Monday, December 15, 2014

Sharing the Gift

First of all. I love you mom, for everything you do and have done for me. I have been realizing lately again how blessed I am to have a stable family where my home was a safe and spiritual place. The church is true, even just for that.

 This week has been kind of crazy. There were changes, but I didn´t have changes. Elder Olivares and I are together for another change. We are really excited about that.

 I finished all the candy that Dan Wilson sent me about Monday. I was kind of in a sugar coma, but it was great. Give him and his wife all my thanks. The picture of Christ is in my house now, on the wall.

Things are great here in Paraiso and Danli. The musical group that I am in is preparing hard for our big concert in La Casa de la Cultura here in Danli. It is a small stage, but it is going to knock the people out of their seats! We will do a bigger concert Sunday in the Stake Center.

This week my companion and I worked really well. It is nice to look back at a week, and although you may not have had all the results you wanted, you know you worked hard to make the goals. I am constantly working to be better. I am really feeling blessed for the holidays here.

The inicitive of the church is really great. We use it to contact. We invite them to remember Christ in christmas and we ask when we can come a talk about it. We usually share a scripture from the bible, and then from the Book of Mormon. It opens doors and gets people talking and asking questions. We talked with a lady named Sandra yesterday that was at first a little wierded out when we started to share from the Book of Mormon, but she became more interested as we explained it. We have another appointment to talk more about Joseph Smith and the restoration this week. I am loving every minute of my work here.

 We are busy, and I am learning to open my mouth like never before. We are seeing the blessings of that all the time now. There really are people that want to listen, you just have to talk to them to find out.

I love you guys and I appreciate you a lot!

Have a good week!

Elder Henrie