Monday, January 26, 2015

This week was fantastic and then more fantastic.

I just can´t describe how fantastic it was.

First of all.  My companion and I didn't have changes.  It means that I was with my last companion for 4.5 months (Elder Parker) and that was weird, and now it will happen again.

We are actually stoked.  We are working with a lot of people that are beginning to progress a lot and neither of us wanted to leave. We work well together and we laugh together.  It is a good combination.
We had a surprise baptism last week.  The primary president came up to us and was like:
This little girl isn't baptized, and yet her and her mom are active members.  Baptize her.
We already knew the family, they had told us they were waiting because they wanted a family member to do the baptism. The only member of the family who has the priesthood lives far away and said it was better that she get baptized.  So, we did it.
Thursday my heart was with Jessica as she flew home.  It was weird thinking about it and seeing the pictures today.  It makes it seem more real.  I really have been in Honduras for the last 18 months.
That's the other news.  I officially have 18 months in the mission.  Its weird.  Very weird.  I have gotten very touchy about my time.  I don´t really tell many people how much time I actually have.  I try to keep my mind where I am right now.
I am still loving my area. I love feeling like I am progressing spiritually and physically with a companion that I love working with.  It is all fantastic.
Oh,  I finally received the package from the ward for Christmas.  I quickly finished the homemade toffees and am working through the other goodies.  I made sure to share, and this time I am controlling my sugar addiction a little better.
Thank you to all the families that helped put it together.  I especially loved the pictures from the kids. Its nice to know I am loved by so many people.

I hope you all are great there in UTAH.  Take care of yourselves.

I went to the temple this week.  They advised us with security Monday last week at like 9pm, and we left at 4;30 the next morning.  TOTALLY WORTH waking up at 3.
I loved it.

God blesses us so much here on this tiny planet called earth.  One of the biggest blessings is a family.

I love you all.  Thank you for your prayers.

Elder Henrie