Monday, January 19, 2015

Lots to be Grateful for

Its kind of wierd being at the point in my mission where I have to begin go think about how to end it.  I am sitting next to Elder Johnson (my Zone Leader) stressing about BYU in the fall.

In 5 days I fufill 18 months in the mission.

In 3 days Jessica will be home.

Things are very strange right now.

I still tell people that I still have a lot of time left.  I am trying not to make it reality yet.  I have a fear of [dying[, or just stopping to work because you are ready to be home.  I am working really hard so that doesnt happen.

Elder Johnson also gave me a really good suggestion, that thinking about it, reminds me of President Uctdorf.  He told me to find the small things every day and be grateful for them.  So thats what I do.  When I have a good lesson, I remember it.  When I meet a pleasant person, I remember them.  This Country has so many options to choose from for bueatiful things.

It is still normal that people will say hello to total strangers.

If you get into the house and they are making, food, they will share with you.

People have a belief in God that goes to their core.  It is common as a farewell to say [God Bless you[.

I am so grateful that I still have the opportunity to be here 6 months more.  I will love every second of it, working just as hard as I did in the beginning, only a lot more intelligent.

Thank you for all of you who support me with your prayers and your love.  Trust me, there a moments when I feel it.

I love you guys.

Elder Henrie