Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy Week

Things are kind of crazy right now.

Know how last week I told you I probably wouldn´t be transferred for 6 months? Well that changed after I wrote you Monday, and we left Tuesday Morning. After several heavenly (They have hot water!) days in the Mission Home, we are now in Tatumba. Technically we are opening an area, which in this mission means that instead of having one experienced Elder and one Junior Elder, you are both new to the area and know nobody. There are Hermanas here and they know the area, so we have been relying on them to help show us around. The only annoying part is that we need to look for a house. The House we are living in isn´t a house, its literally a room smaller than Melanie´s room, but with two beds and a table and a fridge. We have literally no room, and there is only 1 plug, so we have to decide what is most important to have plugged in at a time. I´m excited to work in our new area, but it is going to be uncomfortable for a while until we find a new house. We have several leads, we only need to check them out.

The area is really beautiful. It looks like someone took the Uintas from Utah and plopped it in Honduras. It is only 40 minutes from Teguc, which is good, because there are literally no stores in our area. But luckily Teguc has everything, right now I´m writing in an Office Depot that looks exactly like the States. Everything is also a lot greener. It is one of the colder areas in the mission, which basically means Utah in the Fall. I may actually use my jacket (starting in San Lorenzo, one of the hottest areas, I was worried I wouldn´t)!

I promise I took plenty of pictures, but just my luck, I forgot my camera cord, so next week I guess I will be sending a ton...including a foto of me with President and Hermana Hernandez, which I asked for because I lost my other one. They really spoiled us, and when we arrived at our room, my companion told me to enjoy the time with them, because this is a lot different.

I think this area will be good for me, It is big, and we may be regularly walking about 9 miles per day depending on what part of our area we want to visit. It is beautiful, and reminds me a lot of American Fork canyon or something. Close to the city, but an island of tranquility and beauty. There are more houses here of course.

There is a ward here, and a Chapel that looks like its from the US. We have only talked with a few of the members, but they seem eager to work with us, so that´s good!

I´m excited to see how things go!

Elder Henrie