Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big Bugs

after he got his new haircut

Another week down at the Mexico MTC!  Not much really happened this week.  It has been just chock full of stuff to do and people to see.  I really do feel like my Spanish is improving at an incredible rate.  I am excited to go to the field.

I am now officially ´´OLD´´ in the MTC.  In two weeks, I´m out of here and into HONDURAS.  Its pretty exciting, and really frightening.

I do feel like I´ve learned more Spanish in these 4 weeks than I ever learned in High School or even my one semester of College Spanish.  It helps that you are using it all the time.
This week was essentially a pretty normal week, we taught several investigators, and had some good, and some bad lessons.

I also got a haircut today:

Before the new haircut
All missionaries are supposed to get a haircut and dry clean their suits before they leave.  I decided to get the haircut today, and next week (My last P-Day in the CCM), I am doing my suit.

Some guys in our district, also found this giant moth, which is so big they thought it was a bat at first.  One of the Elders in our district is really afraid of bugs, and he really freaked out.  Later we went and found it again and took pictures.  It is pretty darn huge.

There are also a lot of cockroaches, but they don´t really bother us so long as we don´t bother them, which we don´t.

I´m honestly just getting used to the fact that I only have 2 weeks left in the CCM, and then I´m expected to teach in the field.  Its pretty exciting, and slightly scary.

We watched a fantastic devotional by Elder Bednar talking about conference.  He emphasized the importance of studying the words of Modern prophets.  He said that ´´if you don´t know it, you don´t believe it´´.  It was a call to repentance for me.  It is important to tell people that we have modern Prophets and Apostles, but it is more important to be able to tell what they have said.  It is more than the advice of old wise men, it is the word of God to his children on this earth today.  That is powerful, and it can change investigators lives.

My advice for this week is some that my Teacher Hermano Cameron told Elder Jones and I after a lesson that didn´t go very well.  He gave us three things that if we do, our lessons will be focused, and the spirit will be there.  I also like how they can be applied to Life:

1. Focus on your commitments
In every lesson, and in life, you have things that you need to get done.  The commitment should not be a surprise at the end of the lesson, the lesson should naturally explain the commitment, and explain its importance.  He even suggested that we tell the investigator at the beginning what we want them to do, and then spend the lesson telling them why.  He also emphasized how this is a lesson for life, you have things that you need or want to do, but you can´t expect them to happen unless you are working towards them.  That is why it is important to have specific goals, and work towards them.  It gives you purpose and direction.

2. Ask ´´thinking´´ questions
In every lesson, and with any investigator, you need to know what to teach.  You cannot know what to teach unless they tell you, and they won´t just come out and say it.  So you have to ask them questions.  Questions that make them think, and share about themselves.  After you know about them, you need to ask questions to check understanding, and questions that make them ponder and seek truth.  When a person looks inside themselves and ponders, the spirit is there.  If you ask good questions, you can help the investigator teach themselves as they realize why they need the doctrines and principles you offer.  In life, if you don´t ask questions, you will never learn.  When you don´t understand or have doubts, you can ask.  As you ponder and meditate, you can feel the spirit and receive the revelation you need.

3. Show your enthusiasm
Your investigators are like you, if they see enthusiasm, they become enthusiastic, and if they see boredom, they lose track.  You are a missionary!  You have one of the best jobs in the world!  Every day, you wake up and your purpose is to ´´Invitar a las personas a venir a Christo´´ (to invite people to come unto Christ), as they do this they will receive more happiness than they have ever felt!  You have a good reason to be happy, so let it show on your face!  When you teach you need to show genuine love for the person, but also excitement for them.  When they keep a commitment, let them know by your body language and face that you think that is awesome.  If you show enthusiasm, they will want your same happiness.  The same goes for life, if you are enthusiastic for everything you do, you will be happier, and those around you will be too!  Happiness is contagious, spread it everywhere!

That's pretty much it for right now, next week I´ll have more to talk about, as it´s my last week!