Monday, August 26, 2013

My district

Q. Who is in your district and what is one or two things about them?  For example, where are they from? where are they going on their mission?  

A. In order of the way we sit...
Elder Wright
Big, but friendly, has been in the Cumorah pageant many times.  From Utah, going to Georgia.
Elder Potter
From my BYU ward.  He really does look like Harry Potter, but he has never been Harry Potter because (He didn't want to curse himself with that).  Also going to Georgia.  From California
Elder Prach
From Colorado.  Wrestled in High school, and is short, but ripped.  He has a goal to Bench Press 300, before he leaves the MTC, and no one is doubting him.  Going to Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Elder Shiffler
From Portland, Oregon.  Afraid of everything that even looks like an insect and is a big believer in Hygiene, and brushes his teeth after every meal.  He is fun to make fun of, but is a pretty cool guy.  Also going to Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hermana Merril
From Rexburg, Idaho.  20 years old, and has attended BYU Idaho for 2 years.  Nice.  Going to El Salvador, San Salvador East.
Hermana Poulter
From Provo, UT.  Has attended BYU for the last 2 years, but I had never met her before coming to the CCM.  Also nice.  She enjoys sharing food and is fun to talk to.  Going to El Salvador, San Salvador East.
Elder Henrie
Kind of boring, going to Honduras, Tegucigalpa.
Elder Jones
My companion, from Heber, UT, also going to Honduras.  He has some fun stories from High school and is a cool person to know.  He knows how to laugh and likes to do it often.
Elder Wilcox
From Layton, UT, but he doesn't know any Henries.  Going to Federal Way, Washington.  Likes to smile and poke fun.
Elder Loveland
From Rexburg, Idaho, nice and kind of reserved.  He wants to go into accounting.  He knows a lot of Spanish, but is still learning.
Elder Shipman
From Draper, UT.  Knows the Atkissons.  Kind of quiet, but fun to talk to.  Going to El Salvador, San Salvador East.
Elder Hazelgrin
From Arizona.  Played soccer in High school and is very athletic.  Think Aaron Caprio, but shorter and with glasses.  He thinks himself funny and he is (most of the time).  Going to El Salvador, San Salvador East.