Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goodbye to the CCM

Well, tomorrow I leave the CCM!  I have to admit I´m a little sad, I learned a lot here and I had an awesome district.

It will probably take me about 12 hours to reach the mission home from the CCM, but its worth it to be where the Lord wants me to go.

We have spent a lot of the last week practicing teaching skills, and learning the last parts of the Spanish language.

We practiced teaching with another district in our branch, and I got taught twice.  One of the times they talked to me about revelation through the Book of Mormon, and obtaining spiritual gifts.  I´m pretty sure it wasn´t the message they meant to share, but I remember that it was confirmed again to me that I was meant to go to Honduras, and as long as I was righteous, and followed the spirit, I can change peoples lives.  It helped me feel a lot less nervous and excited to go.

My bigger spiritual thought this week is something similar to what I sent a few weeks ago.  That as missionaries, we need to be enthusiastic.  We have a message that is more than a good idea, it is the plan of God for his children.  Our message is so much more than just a way to live, it is way to change human nature.  I know that through the gospel we can change the very way we think to become more like God.
This is the message we are sharing, that people can be happy forever, and they can take their families with them.  That they can learn and become more like God.

I know that people will not accept this message if they do not see the happiness in us.  If they do not want what they see in us, why would they want to be baptized?  If we are not happy, we are a kind of hypocrite, we testify of happiness, and emanate boredom.  Even if people make it past the first lesson, as soon as they hear that our church is 3 hours, they will find every excuse not to go.  Who can blame them? Who wants to sit through 3 hours of boredom?

In one part of of Preach My Gospel, Elder Holland says something like ´´What's the first thing you should do when your investigators don´t read the Book of Mormon?  Be Devastated´´.  I know that people will not do anything if you look and sound like you are bored anyway.  You have to have energy, for them to feel your devastation.

I know that the Gospel is a gospel of happiness, and that we can show it through us.

We are what people will remember and judge.

Good Luck to all the leaving missionaries!  It is a marvelous work!
Elder Henrie

Look what I found in the display case at church