Monday, January 20, 2014

Six Months

So, things were pretty good this week.  We had interviews and we talked about the problems of our area.  We talked about moving us to La Montaña, which would mean that we don´t have this awsome house, but we would be closer to a more promising area.  The president really emphasized working with all your effort.  He had me read the story from Charles G Maiser about Word of Honor, and then had me give my word of honor that I would do my best to ¨make a miracle¨in our area.  I promised that I would.

Sorry if this feels a little hurried, I´m just not sure what to put in this letter for this week.

Training is not as bad as I expected.  The church really has done a good job putting together a training program, so I´m trying to follow that.  The hardest part for me is I want to show my son (trainee) what it means like to have success, and right now thats a little difficult in our area.  But nontheless, I´m going to train a missionary that works, no matter what the numbers are.

This week I spent some time thinking about how we can improve the work here, it helped that we had interviews.  I feel like we are really doing some great things, but that theres always a little more. We are going to be spending this week milking that little more for all its worth!

In general, it has been interesting to talk with Elder Rodriquez and notice the little things that have changed in my own life.  I feel like I´ve learned to depend on the lord a little more, and I look a little more for the little miracles in life.  I´ve learned to appreciate the small succeses, and evaluate even the small failures.  Perhaps one of the most important things is I´ve learned the value of working until the appóinted time is done.  I also think I finally have learned what my mom always tried to teach me about using an Agenda.  I can really see the difference between the days that we plan ahead, and the days that we just kind of go with it.  

It has also been interesting to see how my testimony has grown a little here and there.  I still have doubts, I have them every day.  But I can also look a person in the eyes and promise them blessings if they obey a commandment.  I have really learned to appreciate why the commandments are a ´protection, not a problem.  I have met people that have really messed up their lives, because they decided that something was [not that bad+, or that {everyone does it}.

One of the things that has really been pressed upon my mind is the importance of communication in any relationship.  How if you won´t talk, you will not have success.  You will just circle the dran until in all drys up.  I have seen the difference that little expressions of love can save a relationship.

I have mixed feelings as I get ready to pass the first big hump in the mission, 6 months.  (its on the 24th by the way).  But I have strength in that I know that I am helping people.  I may not be babtizing them, but I am helping them come closer to christ.  I can promise them blessings and I can help them change.

Here´s the testimony that you asked for mom...
I want to bear my testimony that this church is true.  Not because I have seen an angel, or heard a voice, but because I have lived it.  I have seen the people that live in the world, they have their happiness.  But then I look back on my own family, my memories, my own actions, and I can see the difference.  I can see in my life a brightness, a hope for the future, a positiveness that has helped me all my life.  I have a testimony of this gospel because I can see the difference in my own life.  This is my invitation to everyone, to see what we have, and accept the road to a happieness that can last forever.

You probably want to edit that, but when I share my testimony with others, I realize more and more that my testimony is from actions, not from grand experiences.

I hope that you are all doing well, thank you for your support, your prayers, and your examples.

The church is true.  Families can be together forever.  You can be truely, and deeply happy.

Elder Henrie

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