Monday, February 17, 2014

Interesting Week

Things were, to say the least, interesting this week.

Monday, we had P´day, normal stuff, and a Noche de Hogar (family home evening).

Tuesday we had a capacitacion con los APs (a training with the APs).  They talked about studying and how it helps us prepare spiritually to teach.  We also had a testimony meeting as a zone, which was cool.  Afterward we went out to lunch, and People gave me their extra food, so I was good.  Then we waited like 2 hours for a bus to Tatumbla (I am 90% sure that the one we were going to catch just didn´t come).  

Wednesday we went to La Montaña and we handed out invitations for the activity we did on Saturday, and we had a Noche de Hogar.  Elder P was feeling sick.  We didn´t think a lot of it, we just left him there with his companion (we were in the Palace together).

Then, at 12:43 AM, he threw a pillow at my head to wake me up and told me he needed to go to the Hospital, that he had severe stomach pain (like REALLY severe).  I know I had help staying calm as I called the nurse to confirm.  She told me in resumen (summary), to call President, and get him to the Hospital.  So I woke our comps, and told Elder H to call President, while I called a family in the ward.  I believe I said something like ´´Hey, can you do us a favor?  We need to go to the Hospital, like NOW´´.  Just to explain, in Honduras, I am pretty sure there is no such thing as an ambulance (maybe, but I have only seen things called ¨private¨ ambulances), so they were essentially our only hope.  Luckilly, they were dispuesto (willing) to wake up and come pick us up.  

We drove to the Honduras Medical Center, which luckilly is like the best Hospital in Honduras (meaning it looks and feels like an American Hospital, unlike some other ¨hospitals´).  I had the joy of checking Elder P. in as they began to check him out.  Then we got to sit there, as he lay there in great pain.  Gracias a Dios (Thank God) it was only a bacterial infection, but it had me worried for a minute.

We missed Reunion de Zona (Zone meeting) on Thursday, but I think everyone can understand.  I got very little sleep.  They gave Elder Porter an antibiotic and something for the pain and he was good.  He is still good gracias a Dios.

Thursday and Friday I spent a good deal of time in the house with Elder P on Doctor´s orders.  I studied, slept, and lounged (I hate being stuck in the house!).

Saturday, we moved (por fin! (finally)) to a house that is a lot higher on the Mountain.  It's not as big, but we no longer have to pay ridiculous amounts to travel to the mountain.  They also remodeled the house for us (yes it was the green one you saw pictures of a couple of weeks ago), so it is quite nice now.

But in general, things are good!  I can officially say I have taken someone to the hospital in the Mission.  Sounds like it only every happens once, so now I´m safe!

Last thing I wanted to tell, on Sunday I had my longest lesson EVER with 2 testigos de Jehova (Jehovas Witneses).  It was 2.5 HOURS.  They had a lot of questions, and sadly, I don´t know if they accepted anything.  I did learn that they don´t believe in the premortal life, and that the soul can die (not like we believe, like literally ceases to exist) if we do big sins.  For me it was a little sad to miss the premortal life.  To believe that one day, God decided to make a world, and put people on it.  It misses the entire fact that we chose and were prepared to come here, so that we could obtain knowledge and progress spiritually.  I think we will teach them again, but we need to set a firm time limit, 2.5 hours was LONG.  What was good about it was that we managed to keep a spirit of peace, there was not a lot of bible bashing.  I also learned they don´t believe that anyone can see God, which is also kind of sad  You can never know your father.

For me, it was a testimony of Modern Revelation, even though they insisted that I not use the Book of Mormon, it was interesting to see how questions that are so contested could be answered if you turn to other scripture.  I invited them to read it and they said some longwinded speech on essentially what it says in 1 Nephi.  A bible, a bible, we have a bible, we don´t need any more bible!

For me, it was an interesting experience as they tried to shake my testimony, and to not feel shaken.  It testified to me of the veracidad of the church, and that it really is centered and founded in Christ.  I remember in Helaman 5 when he says to found your testimony in Christ, so that when the devil comes in his power, you are unmoved.

The church is true, Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God, and nothing that others do can change the truth.  

I love you all, thank you for your support, your letters, and your prayers.

Elder Henrie