Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty Awsome Week

I'm not sure who is in the picture with Graig but it looks like they are making pancakes.

So things were pretty awesome this week.  In terms of, not a lot of stuff happened.  

I know it kind of sounds a little opposite, but for me its cool because it meant we did a lot of TEACHING.  There is a quote in PMG that the secret of the work is the work.  I can´t remember where...but its good.  I really felt like this week we did the work of the LORD, more than just the work of two jovenes (youth).  

I think I would call Saturday the best day.  On Friday we were still deciding to which part of our area we wanted to go.  To explain, we have La Montaña that is really far, and the part I usually call Abajo (below).  We usually choose one of the two areas to work in every day, because it would be hard to work in both.  So Friday night we decided to go to La Montaña.  We got up, and got going (like we always do when we go up there).  We spent a little time talking with members, but the best part for me was when we went to visit a new investigator that we found on Tuesday.  We had a great lesson with them, and then bajared (went down in spanglish) to teach another great lesson.  I was so full of the spirit afterward, and I was happy.  I think my companion thought I was a little crazy with how animated I was greeting people as we walked down to a meeting with the 2nd counselor.  

Sunday, we had record numbers in church (I think), which was AWESOME.  We sadly didn´t have any investigators en iglesia (church)(I think, there may have been one, but long story...), but I felt responsible for helping the People from the Mountain come.

I remember telling my companion that I felt like Ammon when he is talking about their success in their mission.  Aaron tells him he is bragging, and Ammon talks about how he is glorying in God. For me that's how the weekend was, seeing how spirit guided plans can really move the work of the Lord.

I also am almost positive we can have the first baptism in this Area this month.  We are working with a lot of great people, and though its difficult, the Lord has chosen people in every area!

It was a good week.

Sorry for those who wanted something crazy, something strange, this week was just work, but a good work.

I love you all!  Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support!

Adios de Honduras! (Goodbye from Honduras)

Elder Henrie

I thought this picture summed up this positive letter well.