Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling Good

Hello!  I am actually pretty good today.  I don´t know exactly why, but I just have a good feeling today.

It has been an interesting week.  The first thing is that for part of it my comp was sick.  He thinks he ate something weird, but we don´t know exactly what.  He is luckily feeling much better now.

We spent the week doing a good amount of work.  We found some things to improve and some things we are doing well.  Our miracle for the week was that a baptism from a month ago got confirmed, so we finally completed that ordinance.  It was good.

In general this week was classified by new experiences.  I picked up a cat, and it happened to be covered with something (see my tie) on the side that I couldn´t see.  I believe that God was reminding me that sometimes small cute things have a downside, and you should always look at something from ALL sides before you pick it up and cuddle it like a baby.  (I feel like there is an object lesson in there somewhere, but I will let you guys figure it out).

On Sunday we went to find investigadores, and we found out a lot were sick.  So, we went to pick up another. As we bajared (went down) to church, this drunk guy that likes to talk to us found us and announced he was going to church.  I honestly thought that he would do the same that he always does and fall by the wayside as we walked, but today he was persistent.  He attended part of the Sacrament Meeting.  I felt a little as if I was caring for a child, it totally confirmed my goal to never drink alcohol.  He left after the Santa Cena, and announced he would come again, I hope he remembers something and that maybe we can reach the point that we can teach him.  He was very friendly.

On Sunday, we were going to a cita (a visit) and we had two paths we could take.  I thought we should take the path that went for arriba (up) because the night before we had a NDH in the same area and we took that path.  Also, in the morning when we went to pick up people we took the same path.  My companion wanted to go for a different path abajo (down).  In the end, we came to a rouph agreement that we would go up.  

While we were walking, we passed a group of drunk guys.  One of them, came up to my comp, and asked for his watch.  He had a machete under his arm, but I honestly didn´t view him as that dangerous (he could barley stand).  My companion gave him his watch.  He felt bad because he had already been sick, and the week just kept on getting better and better (Sarcastic).  He was also mad, because the drunk guy ignored the gringo (me) and robbed him.  He was mad at me (and maybe still is), and we are safe.

Also, this morning, the zone played soccer.  One of the Elders had to go and do his residency, and I volunteered to go with him (seeing as soccer isn´t that important to me).  I spent a fun morning with Elder Vanegas (de Nicaragua).  While we were on a bus back, I think a guy tried to pickpocket me, but he did it in a very bad and obvious way, and would have only taken my agenda (seeing as I lost my wallet many months ago).  But he didn´t take anything, it also made me laugh.

That was the fun parts of this week.  It was good and it was fun.