Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A day late but all is well...

Well, first of all, sorry I didn`t write yesterday.  We went to the Picacho or a really large Statue of Christ, kind of like the one in Brazil, but in Honduras.  I did take lots of pictures, but I forgot my camera.  So...no pictures this week.

We somehow managed to have a perfect plan, eat a great lunch, and arrive late at the house.  So, we didn`t write yesterday.

The biggest news is that we had changes on Friday and I lost my trainer Elder Ortiz.  He went to Dan Lee (fondly called the east by the missionaries) to be a Zone Leader there for his last 4 changes.  I got a new comp here in Tatumbla, another gringo named Elder Osmond from South Jordan.  He is actually related to the Osmond brothers, They are his grandparents.  It is amazing how popular they are here.

We get along really well and we have really similar interests.  We both feel like we can work well together and we have made a lot of great plans for our area.  So far that means that we have been somehow been finding ways not to sleep, though I promise we try.  We always manage to have something happen, from planning a massive activity in our area, to the Hermanas calling us last night at 11:15 to make sure we remembered we promised we would serve with them this morning.

We both have less that 6 months in the mission, with Elder Osmond only having one more change than me.  Luckily we both feel like we have the language pretty good, but we did have to set some ground rules to make sure we both still practice and that English is not our priority.

We plan to have alot of fun together, and we decided that we are actually going to cook (a lot of Elder`s in this mission just have someone cook for them), so I will tell you how that goes next week.  So far we have only made pasta together, though it was fantastic.

To help explain our last days, we spent Thanksgiving in the house of a member, Hermano Wiltrago, who is the son in law of Abuela.  He has 3 kids living in Utah going to school at BYU, so they (he and his wife) are going to Utah on the 12th to visit them and they offered to bring stuff for me and to take stuff back.  I`m thinking of sending my Journals with him, seeing as I have already finished 2.  I am also thinking of sending all the pictures I currently have so that you guys can copy them to the home computer and then return him the memory, so I can use it again.

They will return in about the second week of January, so if you think of anything you want to send with them, its pretty direct, their house is like 2 blocks from ours.

I love you all and I know that every day I feel your faith and your prayers.

Elder Henrie

 mi y mi area
El Paraecho