Monday, December 16, 2013

First [Baptism] Dates for this area

The biggest news is that this week we got our first fechas (dates) in this area.  That means we committed someone to be baptized and we are preparing them for a specific date.  After many weeks without, it was good to call in our weekly datos (data) last night.  Our District Leader, who knows how hard we have been working, was proportionally excited.  So the first week of January, we will hopefully have our first family and baptisms!

In general, it is interesting to be near Tegucigalpa for Christmas. Some parts are very Americanized, and we see a lot of Christmas trees and Lights.

We are arranging to skype on Christmas Day.  We will probably do it in the capilla (chapel) with the laptops of members, so I can show you the capilla!  We might also do it in our house, but right now the capilla seems the best option.

I learned how to make flour tortillas last night, or at least explain we had a noche de hogar con las Hermanas (family home evening with the sister [missionaries]) and we made Baleadas.  (Note from Mom: I assume there were members or investigators there as well.)  Elder Osmond was free to see how to make the dough, and then I was free to see how to knead the dough and cook it, so collectively we know now how to make flour tortillas.  We will share our knowledge tonight as we attempt to make some.

Q&A with Mom:

Q. I would love to hear your plans for celebrating Christmas and what you are doing with your investigators to teach them about Christmas.
A. Right now, our teaching hasn´t really changed much.  We still teach the same gospel.  We are kind of changing how we contact now.

Q. Any special musical numbers or ward activities?  
A. Our ward is doing a cena navideña (Christmas dinner) that we are inviting investigators to and we do have one number.  I am thinking of translating "Little One".

Q. Have you sung with Elder Osmond yet?  
A. Every lesson :)

P.S. Everyone is really jealous of how much Pouch I get.