Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Christmas Blues

Things this week were pretty good, and mildly depressing.

Christmas was good, except for the fact that I never got to talk (to my family) on Christmas.  (Problems getting a good internet connection.)  I definitely felt better after talking (to my family) on the 26th.

This week was hard in general because we decided to leave some investigators for a time because they aren´t progressing.  The problem is that we don´t have that many in general, and we can now visit all our investigators in one day.

Although this has its advantages on Saturday when we invite people to church, it is sad.

With our remaining investigators we are working to do Noches de Hogar (family home evenings), to help them know the members and feel more comfortable coming to church.  It was interesting to see our weekly datos yesterday and be able to see a correlation between number of member lessons and progressing investigatores.  It really hit home to me how important the members (you guys) really are.  If someone has no one but the missionaries, their only impression is us.  They see us as predicadores (preachers), and it's difficult to understand what church is really like.

We also had a plan to help change how we work with the members in the ward, which was scrapped yesterday after talking with some members of the presidencies.  So last night we did an emergency missionaries of Tatumbla meeting to talk about a new plan.  We finally decided on a 40 day fast (again) with individual members rather than families.  This time we will just make sure it is widely published and announced.

Other than the sad parts of this week, I am really good.  I am looking forward to the new year, knowing that as long as I have a better attitude, it will be a better year.

This morning I had a beautiful confirmation while on the bus to Teguc that the sacrament really can wipe away our sins and mistakes.  Right here at the new year that was especially comforting.  It means that I can look at the past, see mistakes, and now I can fix them.

I know that you guys can too.

Elder Henrie

The pinata from the ward party.