Monday, May 11, 2015

Chasing away the baggy monster

Things are good here in Por Venir.

I enjoyed a fun skype call yesterday with the family.  I could see them perfectly, but it was a little hard for them to see me.  It was great to see all the family.

I am good and happy here.  I am working my but off, but that is when a missionary is happiest.  I chase the baggy monster away by working and focusing on the basics.

It doesn´t mean that I´m not making plans.  The other day as I listened to conference, Elder Oaks reminded me to make spiritual goals for when I return as well as physical goals.  So I started reading up in the Book of Mormon of what the best missionaries do when they return home.  It was an interesting study.  I will share more of that later.

This week was full of a lot of work.  We have been really busy and we are finding a lot of new people.  We are also focusing on finding and trying to reactivate some less actives.  There are a lot of great people here that are really acceptive.

I am enjoying life and I am happy.

Thanks for your prayers, I appreciate them.

Elder Henrie