Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Email from Mexico City

 New tags
On the plane from Dallas to Mexico City

Things are really nice here.  It reminds me a lot of BYU.

I haven´t yet met my companion, Ï´m guessing that is next.  I have to go to my casa (house),

Pray for me and write me, my P Day is Tuesday, so that is when I will write back next.  I will also try to update my blog then.  I have been taking plenty of pictures!

Sorry, this is so short, I want to meet my companion, and I already talked to you today.

Also, I was kind of the problem missionary.  I forgot one of my bags in customs after crossing the big red line (which you are not supposed to go back across).  Luckilly, a security guy escorted me back to my bag and I got it, but it was pretty stressful for a moment!

Nothing else to report except I look exceptional in my tags! So does Jessica.

Thank you for all your support and love,
Elder Henrie