Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Well, I'm officially gone!

Well, first of all, it turns out that the Dallas airport has an open computer terminal.  So I have the opportunity to update my blog from here!  I have 18 minutes left, so I'll try to make this quick.

So we got up about 5 AM this morning, and took off to Salt Lake City to catch our plane.  Things were slightly dismal, but I could feel the spirit really strong, and I was pretty sure that I could get through things.

We found our terminal fine, and as we were putting our big bags through security, it must have hit Jessica pretty hard, because she and dad started crying.  I probably would have cried, but I was trying to be the strong one in the family.  I'm not sure how well I succeeded.  I had a few tears in my eyes, but I tried not to let them show.

Then came that moment, where it was the final time to say goodbye before going through security.  Plenty of pictures were taken, and more tears were shed, and then I was into security, and out of the home that has raised me for a long time.

Security was mostly uneventful, except that they had to hand search my bag with Swedish Fish inside.  Apparently they didn't seem dangerous, because they let me keep them (thank goodness).  I met up with Jessica, and then we made our way to our terminal.

We sat down, and just waited for a while.  Jessica and I wrote in our journals, and she read a bit.  We talked a bit with the other Missionaries there.  There were a lot of them!  Most of them were following us to Mexico, but there was one companionship on their way to Germany.  Jessica met two other people going to her exact mission.  One was the one that our friend Sarah Brown told us about, the other was an Elder we didn't know.  I was the only one going to Honduras on our plane as far as we know. 

The flight was uneventful, I got some cool pictures of the sky, and of Utah county from the air.  I tried to sleep a bit, but I wasn't really successful.  The lady next to me and Jessica had just gotten back from a family reunion at Snowbird, which Jessica and I could relate to.  We talked a lot of the ride.  I'm pretty sure that she was LDS, so not a missionary opportunity, but it was comforting to talk about something we know.

Oops, I forgot that to say they also checked my carry-on because they were running out of room on the plane.  They did it free, and all the way to Mexico, which is nice.  I hope it gets there!

Once off the plane, we caught the Skytrain thingy to the other side of the airport.  Another group of missionaries went before us, and they had a fun experience.  Apparently there was a lady at the terminal who liked one of the Elder's ties, and she asked to see it. She told him she had 2 sons and she liked his tie.  He was nice enouph to take it off so she could take a look at it, and she was nice enouph to run off with his tie!  I don't think he got it back either, but he had another tie in his bag, so that's ok.

I'm almost out of time, and I want to show Jessica this, she might update too. 

Thanks for all your support!  I can feel your love and prayers.

I feel the strength of the Lord, and his love too.

Bye, until next time!
(pictures added by mom after I saw his post)
 Arriving at the airport
 All checked in, ready to go through security.
 Reality was sinking in for Jessica.
 One last family picture.
 Off they go.
One last glimpse of him just before he went through security.