Monday, March 24, 2014

Washing his dirty clothes by hand

I didn´t take many pictures this week, there is a little bit more of a chance in this area to be robbed, and I would rather not lose another camera.

So I took the kind of random video.

I don't know how to turn the video so the orientation is right.
Tip your head to the left as you watch the video.

Yes, washing clothes by hand is a lot of work, but its kind of fun, but after 2 hours, I took a break.  I wash by hand because I´m too cheap to pay someone (I like to eat food more), so I buy soap and do it myself.  I´m sure it builds character or something.

I have not yet gotten my shirt back.  Its still in the neighbors yard.

Things this week were interesting.  We were having a rather normal week in this area (which means, working a lot, and not necessarily having the type of numbers that we would like).  Our district leader, Elder Coombs (from Colorado, I don´t know where) asked us to do a companionship inventory and decide what we could do to improve.  I know that it was inspired, because in that little hour after, we recived a lot of revelation.  I know that it changed the way we work here, and will continue to change it.  

It is interesting that God sent us here to progress and to learn.  But he didn´t expect us to do it alone, he gave us the opportunity to recieve revelation.  I feel like that sometimes we thing of revelation as something that we recieve and we suddenly understand some obscure gospel topic, or we get it and we have a testimony.  This week I recieved a testimony of what happens when we get specific revelation on how to change, and we apply it.  

Long story short, we had a much better second half of the week than first half.  I felt that we were working more like the Lord needed us too, and because of that, he blessed us with miracles.

I know that God is our Heavenly Father, and that he loves us.  Like all parents (and he is perfect), he wants us to lograr (achieve) our greatest potencial.  He is constantly guiding us to the situations where we need to stretch, we need to grow.  He uses other people (like parents, friends) to support us, and he tells us what we need to do by revelation.  

This revelation comes in different mediums, but it only is recieved when we are searching for it.  It is interesting in Preach My Gospel, it emphasizes planning daily, but the first step is always to pray to recieve revelation.

I know that sometimes as humans, we feel lost.  We feel that God has abandoned us, that we are just one of his creations, or even worse, an accident, made while he was creating the universe.  I know that this is not true.  

God is our Father, and he sent us here with a purpose.  To learn all that we could, and to develop attributes that allow us to overcome trials, and purposfully manage our responsabilitis and powers.  The prize is the Eternal Life, which is to have all that God has.  Is there any greater responsibility?  Any greater Stress (think about having to manage a universe!)?  That is why we are here, to learn skills that will help us in the eternities.

Sorry for being a bit preachy...

I am happy and safe, I hope that the Lord finds you the same.

Thank you for your prayers, and your support.

The Lord loves you, and wants to bless you, please let him by leaving behind your bad habits, and moving into the new ones.

Elder Henrie