Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning to Control our Emotions

I may not write much this week, but that is just because I am tired.  Today we went to Picacho (the giant Christ statue) and played ultimate Frisbee.  We also took some fun pictures, which I don´t have because I forgot my camera :(

Things were very good this week.  We baptized our golden Investigator, he asked the Bishop to do it, and we had a good asistencia (assistance).  Our ward had a total of 3 baptisms, and the goal for April is 10, so we are working hard to lograr (achieve) that.

It was a good (long) P'day, and for some reason, I chose to run a lot of it.  This week I feel like we did good working all day.  Our goal is still always to be more smart in how we work.  For us, that means planning divisions with members and making sure that we have citas (lessons) for every hour of the day.

Right now, we are working on step one, to have people to teach.  The stake has a goal of 50 baptisms this month, and has encouraged everyone to share the gospel.  This means that there are stake and Ward activities for the missionary work every week, (which is really good for us!).

I feel like I learned this week about holding back a little.  The Lord has blessed us with emotions, which help define us as who we are.  They are sometimes powerful, and they can overwhelm our sense of conscious thought.  

Please don´t worry, I didn´t explode on anyone, but I watched some effects.  People´s emotions can be touched by the smallest things, but they always are touched.  For our tiny actions, we can brighten peoples day, or we can make it just a little bit worse.

In general, I like things to be tranquilo (calm), but I am not always calm.  One of the things I have been taught in this last bit of my mission is how to release feelings.  They are powerful, and must be released, but it is important to do it in healthy ways, so that you don´t do damage to yourself or others.

I don´t know quite what I want to say with this letter, maybe just this.  That you have feelings, and they are important, but make sure that your feelings don´t push down on the feelings of others.  Use your happiness to lift people up, and they when you are down, you already have people, ready to help.

World happiness starts with YOU.

I love you all, and I am grateful for your faith and support.

I love you all.

Elder Henrie