Monday, April 7, 2014

District Leader

I love you guys.  I don´t know exactly why, but I am just filled with love today.  Conference was AMAZING, and it has been such a good week.  Sometimes there are just bad times, depressing times.  But God is our father and he loves us, and sometimes he just sends us a fantastic day or week.  Its kind of sad that people like to focus on the bad days, and don´t appreciate the day that is today.

Something that has always been interesting to me is that Hondureños always thank God for this day.  Another day they have on the Earth.  Every day here is a gift from God, and he sends it to us with love.  The trials, and the good times, are both sent with a similar purpose.  To prepare us to meet him and share his glory.

I want to join my voice to the voices of living Prophets and Apostles that we heard this last weekend.  God is our Heavenly Father.  Jesus Christ is his son, and he sacrificed his very life for us.  Through him we can be clean from all sin and we can have peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come.

Conference is kind of a spiritual party for the missionaries here.  We bring our investigadores, and we wait while the Apostles teach them in simple, and yet powerful ways.  I really liked the talk by President Eyring in the first session.  We had an investigador there, and he basically said, You need to make covenants that only our church can give you.  It was FANTASTIC!

I was just so animated and happy about conference.  Also, WE HAD CHANGES!  Well, actually we didn´t.  Elder Rodriquez and I are still here together in Guaymuras, as is Elder Porter and Elder Herrarte.  The only difference is that I got subed (risen in Spanglish) and I am now a Lidere de Districto (district leader).  It has already been an interesting week.  It is kind of nice that in this mission we have smaller zones, and thus smaller districts.  I only have 2 other compañerismos en mi districto.  

Para mi it is really interesting.  My job is to talk with them and help them do their best work.  If there is a problem, I am also the first in the line of authority to try and resolve it.  So far its been great.  The best part for me was a confirmation in that the Lord has trust in me.  My goal is to live up to it the best way I can!

The biggest thought I had for this week was on Thursday.  I bought a cheap notebook to put datos in (daily work numbers), and I designed a series of boxes that allowed me to see all the dats for the week.

For me it was really interesting to see the overall picture.  Something we sometimes struggle with is achieving our goals, and it was so interesting to see it from a more extended perspective than day by day.  I could see easily what goals we had already achieved, and in what goals we faltaba ( we fell short).

I guess that is what I invite everyone to do this week.  Everyone has goals in their lives that they want to lograr (achieve) but they always feel and llok so far away.  I invite you to put your goal on a piece of paper, with specific plans to lograrlos.  Then put it in a place that you see often.  I know this will help you remember your goals, and to remember to do the smaller steps to achieve them.

Chapter 7 in PMG also has a lot of good suggestions.  So you can follow Elder Ballard´s advice and read it.  I know that studying that book has made me a better person, and has helped me be a more diligent servant of the Lord.

I love you and I want to thank you for your prayers.

Elder Henrie

I asked Graig if he had been getting my "dear elder" letters OK.  I guess this picture is my answer.