Monday, April 21, 2014

All is well

This has been an interesting week.  The mission had a goal of 1500 new investigadores.  With 100 cada zona.  That essentially meant, 17 for every area.  It essentially meant for me that they were asking me to step way out of my comfort zone and talk to people, every person.

I know I saw miracles this week, as we knocked doors, did activities, and talked to people in the street.  I think I recieved a more powerful testimony of the promise of God.  That there are people that are interested, you just have to find them.

We had all the fun experiences, desde someone telling us they couldn`t open the door because they didn`t have keys (forgetting the question of how they got in), to another telling us flat out that he didn`t like mormons.  But I was blessed to have an animo (excitement), that just didn`t seem to go away. I remembered a talk the mission shared with us a couple months ago, it said that the best missionaries are happy because they trust in God, and work.  I know I saw that this week.

The other great moment of the week was talking with another Elder in my district about Deep Doctrine.  We didn`t go too deep, but it strengthened my testimony of the importance of the Expiacion de Jesucristo.  If Jesus had fallado en una cosa.  We would not be able to enter the kingdom of God.  It is for that reason that we honor him with the title GOD, Jehova, Salvador.

I honestly did a lot of what missionaries do this week.  I worked.  I had my lazy moments, but I feel satisfied with the majority of the week, and I feel that the lord is satisfied as well.  I feel like that is the best feeling in the world.  To know that you are not perfect, but that with Crist, you are can make it.  It remided me of the scripture in Moroni 7, that faith is interconnected with hope.  You look for the future, and despite all the bad, you can see the good.

This week, an Investigador announced to me that the Yellowstone Volcano was trembling, and he showed me a picture of one projected damage area.  He was very blunt.  Your house is there.  How do you feel.

I thought about it for a bit, and I realized I wasn`t worried.  If the mission has taught me one thing, it has taught me the power of covenants.  They give us confidence and peace.  I told him that the world was built with imperfections as part of the trials of this life.  They can be disastrous, but they also turn us to God.  We know that God has promised us eternity with our families if we live rightously.  He also has promised protection to the rightous.  I trust those promises.

I want to testify that if the world ended right now, if our planet was distroyed by some asteroid, or our sun exploded.  I would be all right.  My family would be all right.  And we would be together.

I love you guys.  Thank you for your prayers.

God loves us and has given us the ability to have hope.

Elder Henrie