Monday, February 16, 2015

Why I'm a Mormon

So this week was AWESOME.

We had a Zone conference on Wednesday.  We talked about a lot of the same things that we talked about in the Consejo, but we also got to watch the Meet the Mormons movie.  It was fantastic.  I totally loved it.  I loved the part at the beginning when it showed the different views of Mormons.  You feel like that a lot as a missionary...

Hey, we´re missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, have you heard of it?

(Blank look)

Or the Mormons

(confusion changes to happiness)

Oh ya, you guys can´t drink coffee can you?

Everyone in Paraiso says that because Paraiso is a MAJOR coffee producer.  There is a sign that I need a picture of that says

Paraiso, where the earth tastes of coffee.

We also had a Stake conference.  I saw a powerful example of revelation.  We had an investigator that went to the iglesia for the first time.  She has been considering getting a divorce with her husband.  The last speaker, Elder Morales of the Seventy, stood up and said [I feel impressed that I should talk to those of you who are thinking of getting a divorce[.

It was totally quiet.  He then began to talk of the importance of the family, how divorce was a last (very last) option.  He talked of many different ways to strengthen your family and fix problems.

Unfortunately, with how many people that came I wasn´t sitting by her.  But her friend that brought her told us it was very powerful for her.

THATS WHY I¨m a Mormon.  God speaks directly, not just by words written a thousand years ago.

So in general, it was a pretty inspiring week.  Miracles exist!

I love you guys.  Thank you for all your prayers.

Elder Henrie