Monday, February 23, 2015

True happiness

This week was really good.  Its hard to explain why except that we were busy.  Also I got to see a missionary homecoming to a family that has been struggling a lot lately.  There was a very sweet spirit in that home, that after so much hardship, things got happy.

I was thinking a lot about that this week.  Happiness.  I realized something that I have always know, and yet never understood.  True happiness is when you live the commandments.  Always looking for opportunities to lauph and have fun, but always taking into account the Lord.

The end result is you have many positive experiences in your life, and you are unweighed by sin.  Many people do good things, but balance it with bad things, so they are only half as happy as they could be.  True happiness comes from obedience, because you have all the good things lifting you up, and no mistakes weighing you down.

You are like the balloons that kids let go up into the sky, you have no limits.

I had a really great week this week, and I will have a better week this week.  Bad things will happen, but I can use the atonement to fix mistakes and forget pain.  

When I was in the CCM, we were shown a talk by one of the apostles.  He gave us two promises.  First, the mission was going to be the hardest thing we had ever done.  Second, the joy of christ would make it all worth it.

I know that´s true.  I had one of those weeks that testified to me that I am in the right place.

I love you all, thank you for all your support and love.

God Loves you.

ELder Henrie