Monday, February 9, 2015

Time flew this week

This week went by really fast. 
I got to go to the consejo de lideres de la mision.  It was fantastic, I learned a lot.  The interesting thing is that they didn´t talk about anything really new, but they showed me again how perfect this church (and its missionary program) is.  God had everything planned out.  If we follow his plan, things work out.
We had many small miracles this week.  One of our investigators that we hadn´t seen for weeks, came back, and is still positive.  Another investigator is progressing, even though I wasn´t sure if she would.
The mission is full of so many miracles.  I remember when I started, I always seemed to remember the miracles from the Ensign articles, and I thought, that is the mission. The truth is, those things do happen, but more common are the small tender mercies of the lord that you must look for and appreciate. 
A painting is what we call thousands of tiny brushstrokes.  That is what my mission has been (and will continue to be) for me.  It is bueatiful.
I have seen this week the blessings of the gospel in so many families.  It is in the family that the gospel really shows its power.  It makes a family blossom in their circumstances, and gives them hope to continue forward even as others might faltar.  God loves us, and has given us everything we need.
I thought I would be really baggy with Jessica getting home and everything.  I was for a little bit, and then I remembered where I was.  I am in the feild of miracles, where daily I see the light of God´s revelacion.
I love you all and thank you for all your prayers.
Have fantastic weeks, no matter where you are.

Elder Henrie